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poniedziałek, 30 lipca 2018

All this happened a long time ago

Time: 50,000 years BC
Place: Mount Zion.

[...] All this happened a long time ago.
War has changed us beyond recognition, grinding anew, each of the shores of eternal matter. Again we’ve obtained a picture of ourselves, remaining closed to hope, radiance and words.
Nothing dictated the words anymore, no one conditioned the deeds - there was emptiness. Emptiness can be lonely, fill and be troubled, providing appearances, recognizing our influence on the world. When it comes, we stand alone, setting ourselves in front of a dark endlessness, and there’re no windows and doors inside us, for there’s no shortage of nonsense and whispers. At all costs, we want to get away without knowing where we are going, we are tired of everyday life.
Reading these words, remember that I give you the story of kel el, whom you call angels. The essence of their existence has become the Law.
In the past, we held the world, keeping up with six others ... the time has come when we fell. There was no liberation in it, but an overwhelming emptiness.
You're right. You heard the "fall." I said the word, but this isn’t the point: you don’t know what the reason for it was because you were wrongly taught about our pride. Do not listen to your sages, they are dust, and the dust is not directed by reason. They wonder, staring at the shadow of a man.
The end came with vengeance, made of love, so strong and strong that no rock or material would be able to stop it. I replace words and learn first, swell and grow, and then fall, wanting to ascend, to what I was and I wanted to be able to see the march of my brothers once again, tight together in form, with my hands and feet gone.
I brought death to those who loved, to my brother and wife and tore my heart alive. In the shadow of existence, I became a dead body.
I’m the last commander of kel el, a monster existing eternally. At the sound of my name, the Urgalian team closing their breath of the life.

Tore up his wings - war in heaven began

I am Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, the servant of the Creator and the Lord of this world. The Last Ancient, who closed the gates of the Earth and descended here, doing the doom of perfection, in the name of life, love, and fidelity to the law.
Greedy people, they started the rule of unrighteousness.

My name is the Beast, which none of your imaginations, tearful from Earth's tears, is able to cross the border of my emptiness and see the ceiling of my evil. I will make you a mark, and when I come, you will not breathe. I will come under your house and you won’t hear me. You ‘ll be silent when I find myself in your arms. Set in motion, you will help me. Invisible will happen, and the visible will disappear. Everything is wasted in the human body, the heart is not gained. Spirit dormant in the depths, empty fields. You will measure the dew depth by holding your thumb to your ear. I will appear when you call me out of the name and kind and the number of my name, and you will see in the misery a glow which, extinguished, has fallen to the world for rebirth.
I eat blood, for centuries I’ve been eternally breathing life, drawing from all possible worlds.
The unreachable became sensitive - slowly paralyzed, devastating.

It was me, the first to face the Creator.
It was me, I carried Earth's death.
It was me, I carried the death of Erem.
It's me, I destroyed Urel,
putting in death hundreds of thousands of men.

The end of our existence determines the beginning or the end, and you, dear exiles from Aldae-ika, will bring relief to existence.

First War in Heaven: Heritage
by Uziel Mora

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